Springing Ahead and Speaking Out!


In the last couple weeks and in the coming months several of us who work with the simulation program have a few special events that we’ve presented at and will be presenting at.

1. Cynthia Morris MS, BSN, RN – the Clinical Simulation Program Coordinator – just spoke at the Technologic Innovations in Nursing Education Conference. The conference happened at the Crowne Plaza Hilton Head Island Resort. Cynthia’s presentation was entitled “Simulation Stories to Inspire, Educate and Enlighten Students”. The full schedule is downloadable at the above link.

2. Jennifer Morton MS, MPH, BSN and Dawne Marie Dunbar RN, BS, MSN/Ed. also presented at the same conference and the title of the presentation was “Enhancing Student Development: A progression approach to simulation”.

dawne-marie-dunbar-present.jpgJen Morton and Dawne-Marie Dunbar sharing knowledge…



3. Cliff Roberson, MS, CRNA and Nina Turcato, DNP, CRNA from the School of Nurse Anesthesia presented on simulation at the New England Assembly of Nurse Anesthetists. Nina and Cliff shared experiences, data and video excerpts with their “Simulation in Anesthesia” presentation.

cliff-teaching-basic-montage.jpegCliff teaching in the University of New England virtual OR.

4. I will be presenting at “Beyond the Limits”- an exciting EMS focused conference at the Kalahari Resort and Convention Center in Sandusky Ohio from May 8-10th. The event is being put on by EHOVE – and I’ll be speaking on what it takes to start up and run a high fidelity simulation lab. My talk will have a fun yet very technical bend to it, focusing on the growth we’ve gone through and what the Clinical Simulation Program has learned along the way. My next blog will have the link for the event and more information. ——————————————–

So congratulations to our simulation speakers and collaborators.

Thanks for checking in and look for a new blog soon as we are hosting a Simulation Users Group Meeting in May and we’ll wanna chat about that too!

robotodd out….


One Response to “Springing Ahead and Speaking Out!”

  1. cathy hagerman Says:

    Agree! Great job to all of you who presented… spreading the word about simulation… and UNE.

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