Sim-tastic Semester Setup!

What a summer!


The Clinical Simulation Program has really been cranking the last few months. Before we jettison into a new autumn semester, here are just of few of the highlights from the hot months:

1. Creation of 10 new ED scenarios with Dr. Chris Bowe of MMC.

2. Creation/re-structuring of 6 MNA scenarios.


3. Creation of 2 new instructional videos for MNA and Nursing faculty using the simlabs as theatres. Editing/mastering was done in the control room with iMovie.

4. Creation of “Simulation Orchestrations” – a compilation of multi-disciplinary simulation video clips with music, text, student responses, acting and behind the scenes footages. This video has been officially submitted to the Society for Simulation in Healthcare’s IMSH meeting in San Diego this coming winter.

5. Finalized our logo, disc printing and postcard palettes.



6. A trip to the BIDMC simulation center in Boston.


7. Development of WEB CT platform for sim-faculty and student uses.

8. Designed a whole poster package (with Kristin Quatrano of UNE Communications) for outside the simlabs in the hall.

9. Installed Laerdal’s new AVS debriefing software into Blewett 107, 021, 115 and 233.


10. Reconfigured Sim-theatre 116 with a research computer in it.


11. Provided several high tech skills trainers and simulation equipment to the UNE College of Osteopathic Medicine for their annual Trauma Colloquium.

*Thanks for tuning in and look for the blog soon as we have a bunch new events, goals, programs and people coming and going through here all the time. Let’s cheer the upcoming semester!


T Dada out……….


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